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    Qingdao runhua sanitary ware equipment co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, design, production, sales and after-sales a body comprehensive enterprise, mainly produces whole wei yu, all kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, at the same time cooperation with Japan, Taiwan and domestic companies, the company introduced Japan, Europe, the glass fiber reinforced plastic product design and innovation concept of production technology and process, has always been committed to the overall development of sanitary ware products and development, has accumulated rich experience.
    My company has a high-quality management team and strong technology strength, since its establishment is always in the best quality products to provide satisfactory service every customer, we always believe in "honesty, quality first" concept, in good enterprises at the same time to be good, good products, allowing you to buy the rest assured, with enjoyable!
    Company since its inception, with a number of large chain enterprise established the good relations of cooperation, and by the fine product quality and perfect service system, won the praise of customers. At the same time my company is committed to developing mobile whole wei yu, this year the successful products supporting the container house, etc., are exported to Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, kazakhstan, Africa and other countries.
    In guide a new era of green energy saving, in the network, intelligent and digital led by science and technology, people's living environment and life quality requirements are also rising. Is because of this, the company will, as always, I work together with you, creating a better living environment, to provide low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and efficient integrated bathroom products and services.

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