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Product Name:RHD1014

Manufacturer:Rundahua sanitary ware equipment
Product No.:103920-788
Product Model:RHD1014
N_Price:8.8Yuan/件 P_Price:6.6Yuan/件
Update Time:2014.09.22
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Product features

From the bath area, chassis, ceiling, implement, commode, cosmetic mirror, mix water valve, towel rack, towel rack, bath curtain, tissue boxes, low noise fan, waterproof soft light, such as the sliding door of dozens。 Can meet your bath, toilet, wash gargle, dressing, drying, etc。 All functions。


Product size (size) :2200mm*2500mm*2200mm(Long * wide * high)

The minimum installation space:23500mm*2650mm*2500mm(Long * wide * high)

In an empty area:5。5㎡

Main components of

Chassis: waterproof SMC moulded chassis, weather bar one
Wall: SMC molding
Roof: SMC molding
Washstand: P type, undercounter SMC molding, ceramics
Shower curtain: a glyph, take lead weights
Water mouth: copper, ceramic valve core
Implement: postures, before or side shifter lever, energy-saving

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